Here are just a few of our frequently asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please give us a call or contact us through our contact page. We will happily answer any questions or schedule an appointment for you if the question you have needs to be evaluated in person.

I have a vibration in my truck. How do I know if it is coming from my driveshaft?

Usually, if the vibration is the driveshaft, you will feel it in the seat. You will also feel a harmonic vibration (i.e., comes and goes).

I’ve just lifted my Jeep 6”. Do I need to have a new driveshaft build or can I still use the one I have?

Depends on the transfer case and the make and/or model of the Jeep. Most of the time, the driveshaft should be replaced, lengthened and add a CV.

What measurements do I need to give you to have a new driveshaft built?

Depends on the vehicle. Usually, it will be the center of the U-Joint to center of U-Joint measurement. For automatic transmissions, measurements are seal to center of U-Joint on the rear end.

How do I know if I need a CV Joint?

Each CV joint has two (2) U-joints, each working one-half of the angle of the driveshaft angle, in relation to the transfer case or transmission. If the driveshaft angle exceeds 7-9°s on a single U-joint, then a CV should be added.

Why would I still have vibration after my driveshaft is installed?

There are many reasons why you would still have vibration. One example is that the pinion yoke should be within 3°s of the driveshaft at standard right height. On lifted vehicles, degree shims may be required to raise the pinion yoke so that it is still within 3°’s of the driveshaft. There are always exceptions to this rule: i.e., two-piece rear driveshafts; off-set driveshafts, which would create a compound angle; full-time lifted 4-wheel drive vehicles (late model Grand Cherokee).

How do I know if I need a long spline?

If there were not enough travel in the slip yoke (i.e., 2” compression, 2” extension), then a long-spline driveshaft would be required. 12” of spline usually covers vehicles used for off-road travel. Please call us at 602-269-1355 for more detailed information.

How do I determine how much spline I need?

A measurement would be required for driveline length at full droop and maximum compression.

How do I know if my driveshaft is too short?

At normal right height, if you have more than 1½” exposure of the slip yoke or your slip and stub, then in most cases, the driveshaft is too short. This could be caused due to a lift kit having been installed. If you have lifted your vehicle, call use at 602-269-1355 for more detailed information.

Can you repair an aluminum driveshaft?


How do I know I should replace/repair my steering gear box?

Vehicle has hard steering; oil leaks from steering gear box; gear box has sloppy steering (an indication of loose steering)

What equipment does Precision Drivelines use to perform this work?

“We have state of the art equipment where we can mount and test steering gear boxes as if they were in your vehicle, balance driveshafts to precision, and machine parts for custom fits to our exacting standards.. What sets us apart from our competitors is our highly trained and experienced staff. Our Driveline Technicians have over 60 years of combined experience meet rigorous certification requirements in order to work for Precision Drivelines.”